J (cerveauxetcoeur) wrote in earthy_spirits,

Sun: Capricorn (on cusp: 1/19)
Ascendant: Aries
Moon: Cancer
Mercury: Aquarius
Venus: Capricorn
Mars: Taurus
Jupiter: Taurus

My brain completely controls my sexuality (Venus in Capricorn - it's a wonder I've attracted ANYONE), but can't do the same with its polar opposite and the ridiculous, constantly mood-swinging emotions that go along with it. I feel like two completely different people - the pragmatic, dry cynic and the constantly depressed, overly sensitive artistic type. Though I am ambitious to a fault (Aries + Capricorn = danger) and try my best to reach my academic goals, I care much more about people than anything else, I'm also really uncomfortable being in a position of power, and I always have the instinct to help the underdog, which all seem very un-Capricornian.

I was bored and did most of my loved one's charts online, and here's what I found: Dad is a Libra with most of the rest of his chart in Virgo, which is probably why we get along so well. Very mild-mannered, only seen him yell once (not at me), great sense of humor. My mother is pretty much pure Pisces with some air or fire signs, which apparently makes for a very sensitive, opinionated social butterfly. We clash because of her strong idealism and my equally strong cynicism. Sister is also a social butterfly, Aquarius with a mix of everything else. The worst friendships I ever had were with an Aries, Gemini, and Leo. My best friends are a Virgo-Libra, a Libra-Scorpio, a Libra with Moon and Venus in Scorpio (stable outside, insanity inside, like me), a Capricorn with strong Aq. and Sag influences (like me, but braver and more social, which is definitely a good thing), and an Aries with strong Aq. and Taurus influences (natural peformer, with a bizarre, artistic personality).

Over the years, I've had crushes on, among the many, 2 Aries, 3 Taurus, and 2 Virgos. 2 out of the 3 Tauruses lasted for 3 years each, so that appears to be my fatal attraction, though one of the Virgos was pretty much on & off from kindergarten on through middle school. It's usally Earth signs with boys. Intelligent, smart, and fairly introverted. My fatal friendship attraction appears to be Sagittarius or those with strong Sag influences, I think it's the combination of brains, which I have, and social charisma, which I lack. The only problem is that I'm one of many friends and they always have a lot to do and think about, so I'm usually not very high of a priority. Otherwise, though, it's really fun.

Wow. Sorry that was so long. Astrology is fun! ;-D

Oh yeah, and I am obsessed with psychology and the subconscious, though I'm not sure where that came from. Maybe if one combines Cancer and Capricorn they get a Scorpionic-type of creature? That actually makes a lot of sense. Intensity/Seriousness + Strong sensitivity. Hmm...looks familiar.
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