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The Capricorn's Sense of Humor

I'm a Capricorn, and I was never able to nail this down, but I had an experience last night...

I was talking to my boyfriend and he brought over his new Alienware laptop -- it costed a bunch of money and is real high-tech. I started to playfully criticize it, then I laughed and said I hated it. I said it with a smile (and meant it as a joke), but it wasn't until later when I realized that it was "odd humor" and how I say things like this all the time -- then I began to think about Capricorn's sense of humor; how it's notably "odd ball"...

Also, I hadn't realized that he took my comment seriously and was offended, and then I felt badly about it.
He says I act very serious when I'm really just kidding, and that sometimes he can't tell when I'm being funny or serious...

He's a Virgo, by the way.

Can anyone else share some info on the Cap's "odd ball" sense of humor? Is this it, or is it a little different?
I'm really interested, but as I said ... I've never been able to pin it down.
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