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Hello all- I'm a Pisces with a weird combination of air and earth in her chart. I think I'll just list my planetary positions so you can see it for yourselves:

Sun: Pisces, 10th house
Ascendant: Gemini
Moon: Libra, 5th house
Mercury: Aquarius, 9th house
Venus: Aquarius, 10th house
Mars: Taurus, 12th house
Jupiter: Taurus, 12th house
Saturn: Capricorn, 7th house
Uranus: Capricorn, 7th house
Neptune: Capricorn, 7th house
Pluto: Scorpio, 6th house

Heh, I just think it's funny that my stellium in Capricorn is also a house stellium in the 7th house. A real combination of air and earth! I have a couple of yods and t-squares in there too- anyone care to give me a tiny analysis of my chart? Just to see how accurate you might be, it would be fun.
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